The topic of this pages are the oyakata of the Nihon Sumo Kyokai, former rikishi, now trainers of a new generation and governing body. It is not just a gallery, as the title claims. It started with one, however.

Now it is not only about images but also about a little deeper insight into the world of the oyakata licenses, called Toshiyori ("elder"), Myoseki ("name") or Kabu ("share", "stock"), also Toshiyori myoseki or Toshiyori kabu. Having three words that essentially describe the same thing (and are used equally) already shows that it is more than just a change of name when a rikishi retires and becomes an oyakata.

And all of the three are necessary for an understanding: Toshiyori shows the hierarchial aspect: Now the person is an elder, a person of respect, to the young (and sometimes not so young) deshi. Myoseki is the traditional side of being an oyakata: You are picking up a name that can be followed back quite a while, there are neither infinitely many available nor can you simply go on with the shikona you had as a rikishi. Kabu, finally, implies the financial part: You are a shareholder of the Sumo Association, and once you own one you can have a more than decent style of life.


I want to thank Asashosakari, Chiyozakura, Doitsuyama, Gernobono, Hananotaka, Jonosuke, Kaikitsune, Kintamayama, Kotoseiya, Nekonishiki and Yubiquitoyama who helped me gathering the data, report new "kabu babu" to mailing list and sumoforum, allowed me to use their own data, shared their huge knowlegde with me, provided images, found useful pages and beta-tested the gallery.

For any questions or suggestions, please feel free to send a mail.

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