The two letter coder after the date reads as follows:

HBHeya Branched-out HCHeya Changed HMHeya Merged HRHeya Renamed HSHeya Shut-down
KAKabu Assumed KBKabu Bought KCKabu Changed KSKabu Switched KUKabu Used for re-employment
PAPass-Away RMRetirement (Mandatory) RORetirement (Other)   OSOther Stuff

2019 Mar 22 KA Tenkaiho retires and becomes Hidenoyama-oyakata (on loan).

2019 Jan 22 KA Takekaze retires and becomes Oshiogawa-oyakata.
2019 Jan 16 KA Kisenosato retires and becomes Araiso-oyakata.

2018 Nov 23 KA Satoyama retires and becomes Sanoyama-oyakata (on loan).

2018 Oct 01 RO Takanohana (Ichidai Toshiyori) retires at the age of 46. Being more and more isolated after the Harumafuji scandal he decided to quit. His deshi and attached personnel move to Chiganoura-beya, whose shisho Chiganoura (former Takamisugi) was a heya mate of Takanohana during their rikishi days. Takanohana-ichimon has already been in dissolution and for a short while even been known as "Onomatsu-group , and the remainders have already moved to Dewanoumi-ichimon (Sep 18, Tatsunami-beya) or Nishonoseki-ichimon (Sep 21, all others including shortly independent Minato- and Shikoroyama-beya). With the retirement there is no Ichidai Toshiyori left any more.
2018 Sep 11 RM Yamashina (former Onishiki) turns 65 and retires. He chooses not to be re-employed as sanyo (consultant at reduced pay).

2018 Jun 28 HC Tanigawa (former Hokutoriki) moves from Hakkaku-beya to Kokonoe-beya.
2018 Jun 27 KB It is revealed that Ikioi owns Kasugayama-kabu which has been in limbo because of a legal ownership battle. The exact date of acquisition from the last holder (former Hamanishiki) is unknown first but later it is revealed that it has beed backdated to 2017 Mar 24 (!) in the Kyokai's books.
2018 May 26 KB Endo buys the vacant Kitajin-kabu from the last holder of the name (former Kirinji).

2018 Apr 20 KC Araiso (former Tamaasuka) changes to Kumagatani, owning a kabu for the first time now.
2018 Apr 20 KC Sanoyama (former Tosayutaka) changes to Magaki, owning a kabu for the first time now.
2018 Apr 01 HB Futagoyama (former Miyabiyama) branches out from Fujishima-beya and opens up his own.
2018 Mar 29 OS Takanohana (Ichidai Toshiyori) is demoted from his post as yakuin taigu after the Takayoshitoshi scandal. He is demoted to plain toshiyori which is even lower than where he started (as former Yokozuna he was allowed to start as iin taigu toshiyori).
2018 Mar 08 RM Kitajin (former Kirinji) turns 65 and retires. He chooses not to be re-employed as sanyo (consultant at reduced pay).

2018 Feb 01 HB Nishiiwa (former Wakanosato) branches out from Tagonoura-beya and opens up his own.
2018 Feb 01 OS The bi-annual rijikai elections take place. Dewanoumi-ichimon is still strong with four (of ten) Riji posts and one (of three) Fukuriji posts. The full election thread can be found here. Information about changed posts, departments and ranks can be found in this thread. The three external Riji and two external Kanji continue on their posts, a third external Kanji is newly appointed. The three internal hyogiin are entirely made up of former oyakata now (former Fujinokawa, former Washuyama and former Asanosho). Two of the four external hyogiin are newly appointed as well.
2018 Jan 13 KA Kitataiki retires and becomes Onogawa-oyakata.
2018 Jan 13 KC Onogawa (former Daido) changes to Otowayama.
2018 Jan 12 RO Otowayama (former Kobo) retires at the age of 45 as Takanohana (Ichidai Toshiyori), who still controls the kabu, wants to give the kabu to former Daido.

2017 Dec 28 OS Takanohana (Ichidai Toshiyori) is demoted from his post as riji after his role in the Harumafuji scandal. Kasugano (former Tochinowaka) fills in as head of the jungyo department.
2017 Dec 28 KA Shotenro retires and becomes Kasugayama-oyakata (on loan).
2017 Dec 20 OS Isegahama (former Asahifuji) resigns from his post as riji after the Harumafuji scandal. Kagamiyama (former Tagaryu) fills in as head of the Osaka basho department.

2017 Oct 16 KU Oyama (former Daihi) turns 65 and retires, and will be re-employed as sanyo (consultant).
2017 Sep 03 KU Takekuma (former Zaonishiki) turns 65 and retires, and will be re-employed as sanyo (consultant).

2017 Jun 12 KU Oshima (former Kaiki) turns 65 and retires, and will be re-employed as sanyo (consultant).
2017 Jun 11 KS Being one day before mandatory retirement age, Tomozuna (former Kaiki) switches his prestiguous kabu with affiliated oyakata Oshima (former Kyokutenho), who chooses to continue a heya with a longstanding history rather than to re-start Oshima-beya again.
2017 May 28 KA Sadanofuji retires and becomes Nakamura-oyakata (on loan).
2017 May 12 KA Asasekiryu retires and becomes Nishikijima-oyakata.

2017 Apr 27 PA Retired oyakata Nakadachi (former Sadanoyama) passes away of pneumonia at the age of 79.
2017 Apr 01 HB Naruto (former Kotooshu) branches out from Sadogatake-beya and opens up his own.

2017 Feb 03 HB Nakagawa (former Asahisato) branches out from Oitekaze-beya and opens up his own. The NSK recognizes the new entity as "Kasugayama rebooted", continuing the heya that has been shut down four months ago and that had Nakagawa as acting shisho already.
2017 Jan 31 PA Magaki (former Tokitenku) passes away of lymphatic cancer at the age of 37.
2017 Jan 16 RO Kasugayama (former Hamanishiki) retires at the age of 40 as he can not agree on a settlement with his predecessor Kasugayama (former Kasugafuji), who is still keeping the kabu certificate as a deposit.
2017 Jan 12 OS Asahiyama-beya leaves Nishonoseki-ichimon and moves to Isegahama-ichimon. Reason for this move is the friendship between Asahiyama (former Kotonishiki) and ichimon head Isegahama (former Asahifuji).

2016 Dec 22 OS Oitekaze-beya leaves Isegahama-ichimon and moves to Tokitsukaze-ichimon. The leaving is (according to insiders) blamed on differences within the ichimon. A historical connection between Oitekaze (former Daishoyama) and Futabyama (founder of Tokitsukaze-ichimon) is the reason for going there. Both hailed from Tatsunami-beya, which is ironically not part of any of the two ichimon but part of Takanohana-group today. It is explicitely stated that Kasugayama (former Hamanishiki) isn't part of this move, making him effectifely a pariah oyakata.
2016 Dec 13 HC Takashima (former Koboyama) moves from Oitekaze-beya to Miyagino-beya, probably a result of him being unhappy with the forced move to Oitekaze some weeks ago.

2016 Oct 25 KC Ajigawa (former Tosayutaka) changes to Sanoyama (on loan).
2015 Oct 24 PA Retired oyakata Ikazuchi (former Haguroiwa) passes away at the age of 70.
2016 Oct 19 HS Kasugayama-beya is shut down. Kasugayama (former Hamanishiki), Takashima (former Koboyama), all rikishi and personnel will be attached to Oitekaze-beya from now on, creating a huge heya with more than 40 rikishi. The shutdown was not voluntarily but ordered by the Kyokai. The official reason was that Kasugayama has not been living in the heya but outside but inofficially the growing scandal around Kasugayama-kabu (held back by the former Kasugayama as a deposit) was the reason. Even the intervention of politicans stating that Kasugayama-beya was important for the local community went unheard. Half of the rikishi retire immediately to "retire as rikishi of Kasugyama-beya".
2016 Sep 29 KA Tamaasuka retires and becomes Araiso-oyakata (on loan).

2016 Aug 26 KA Tokitenku retires and becomes Magaki-oyakata.
2016 Aug 09 OS External councillor Takuhiko Tsuruta steps down because of personal reasons at the age of 88 and is replaced by Katsuji Ebisawa. It is Ebisawa's third "sumo appointment" already, having been an external riji from 2012 to 2016 and head of the YDC from 2007 to 2009 (member since 1999 already).
2016 Aug 03 KB Chiyootori buys Sanoyama-kabu from the new Kokonoe (former Chiyotaikai), who has inherited the Kokonoe-kabu.
2016 Aug 03 KC After doing the necessary paperwork, Sanoyama (former Chiyotaikai) changes to Kokonoe to keep the successful heya alive.
2016 Jul 31 PA Kokonoe (former Chiyonofuji) passes away of pancreatic cancer at the age of 61. Affiliated oyakata Sanoyama (former Chiyotaikai) is soon to take over the heya, not only because he is a "natural" choice but also because Chiyonofuji's family wants the name to be preserved.

2016 Jun 13 OS A third external Kanji is appointed: ... Kajiki (former Superintendent of Hiroshima's Prosecutor's Office).
2016 Jun 01 HB Asahiyama (former Kotonishiki) branches out from Oguruma-beya and opens up his own.
2016 May 13 KU Kiriyama (former Kurosegawa) turns 65 and retires, and will be re-employed as sanyo (consultant).
2016 May 13 KU Dekiyama (former Dewanohana) turns 65 and retires, and will be re-employed as sanyo (consultant).
2016 May 08 HC Inagawa (former Futeno) moves from Chiganoura-beya to Kise-beya, probably a result of him being overlooked in the succession of Chiganoura-beya. The choice of his new heya was not completely random but he went to the same university as Kise (former Higonoumi) did.
2016 May 04 KU Matsuchiyama (former Banryuyama) turns 65 and retires, and will be re-employed as sanyo (consultant).

2016 Apr 10 KU Tokiwayama (former Masudayama) turns 65 and retires, and will be re-employed as sanyo (consultant).
2016 Apr 08 KS Being two days before mandatory retirement age, Chiganoura (former Masudayama) switches his kabu with non-affiliated oyakata Tokiwayama (former Takamisugi), who has been working with him in the Nagoya Basho department for a long time. The new Chiganoura continues the heya, but moves it from Dewanoumi-ichimon to Takanohana-ichimon some weeks later.
2016 Mar 28 OS Futagoyama (former Miyabiyama) is nominated and confirmed as third internal hyogiin.

2016 Jan 29 OS The bi-annual rijikai elections take place. It is a landslide victory for Dewanoumi-ichimon, that gets four (of ten) Riji posts and two (of three) Fukuriji posts. The full election thread can be found here. Information about changed posts, departments and ranks can be found in this thread. The three external Riji are completely changed, the two external Kanji continue on their posts.
2016 Jan 22 KA Tosayutaka retires and becomes Ajigawa-oyakata (on loan).
2016 Jan 21 OS Yamahibiki (former Ganyu) steps down as internal hyogiin to be able to run in the upcoming Kyokai elections. His successor will be nominated soon.
2016 Jan 21 KA Daido retires and becomes Onogawa-oyakata (on loan).
2016 Jan 07/TD> KC Onogawa (former Bushuyama) changes to Kiyomigata (on loan).
2016 Jan 06 KC Nakamura (former Kotonishiki) changes to Asahiyama. After using jun-toshiyori and loaning six different kabu for more than 15 years, he is the owner of the Asahiyama name now.

2015 Dec 18 OS So far acting rijicho Hakkaku (former Hokutoumi) is appointed as (proper) 13th rijicho. Unlike usual the vote was not unanimous but only a 6:5. Many voters probably thought it unneccessary to promote him as the election period would be ending soon and it would make no difference in his authority anyway.
2015 Nov 20 PA Kitanoumi (Ichidai Toshiyori) passes away of multiple organ failure at the age of 62. He had cancer treatment for some time and also been missing the last few basho already. Affiliated oyakata Yamahibiki (former Ganyu) takes over the heya, which is subsequently renamed into Yamahibiki-beya. Hakkaku (former Hokutoumi) takes over as acting rijicho.

2015 Oct 10 RO After several scandals in the past Kumagatani (former Kanechika) is yet again in the center of bad attention: after hitting an employee with a metal baseball bat he is arrested. The rijikai and hyogiinkai finally dismiss him for his aberrant behaviour, the handling of the Kumagatani-kabu to be discussed later.
2015 Sep 03 KA Wakanosato retires and becomes Nishiiwa-oyakata.

2015 Jul 27 KA Kyokutenho retires and becomes Oshima-oyakata.
2015 Jul 27 KC Nishiiwa (former Kobo) changes to Otowayama.

2015 Jun 20 PA Otowayama (former Takanonami) passes away of sudden heart failure at the age of 43. He has been known to suffer from heart problems since rikishi days, and hospitalized more than one time while being oyakata.

2015 Mar 18 RM Asahiyama (former Daiju) turns 65 and retires. He chooses not to be re-employed as sanyo (consultant at reduced pay).

2015 Feb 12 KC Kotooshu (Jun Toshiyori) changes to Naruto.
2015 Feb 01 HS Asahiyama-beya shuts down. Asahiyama (former Daiju), Kiriyama (former Kurosegawa), all rikishi and two personnel will be attached to Isegahama-beya from now on. Three personnel move to Asakayama-beya. Asahiyama-beya was the last link to the defunct Osaka Sumo organization, that has merged into the Nihon Sumo Kyokai in 1927.
2015 Jan 31 OS Some oyakata are taking over new jobs at the kyokai. The most notable changes happen in the shimpan department, where not only Asahiyama (former Daiju), close to mandatory retirement age, gives up his deputy director position in favour of Fujishima (former Musoyama), who is promoted to yakuin taigu, but also the assignment of the first Takanohana-ichimon shimpan ever, Otowayama (former Takanonami). There are also seven promotions from shunin to iin, five oyakata are promoted from toshiyori to shunin.
2015 Jan 16 KA Homasho retires and becomes Tatsutagawa-oyakata.
2015 Jan 09 KC Tatsutagawa (former Kobo) changes to Nishiiwa (on loan).

2014 Dec 01 KS Matsugane (former Wakashimazu) switches his kabu with affiliated oyakata Nishonoseki (former Tamarikido). Matsugane-beya is subsequently renamed into Nishonoseki-beya, giving the ichimon a heya with its name again after being "headless" for almost two years.
2014 Nov 24 KU Tateyama (former Tamanofuji) is the first oyakata to be re-employed as sanyo (consultant) after turning 65. For five more years he can work for the kyokai at reduced pay.
2014 Nov 24 HC After the retirement of their former shisho, Hanaregoma (former Tamanoshima) and Nishonoseki (former Tamarikido) move from Kataonami-beya to Matsugane-beya. All urakata with the exception of Tokoshin follow them.
2014 Nov 23 RM Tateyama (former Tamanofuji) turns 65 and retires.

2014 Sep 26 KA Wakakoyu retires and becomes Shiranui-oyakata.
2014 Sep 16 PA Retired oyakata Tokiwayama (former Wakachichibu) passes away of liver failure at the age of 75.

2014 Apr 29 KC Kiyomigata (former Tochisakae) changes to Mihogaseki. After loaning his first kabu he is the owner of the Mihogaseki name now.
2014 Aug 12 PA Retired oyakata Nishonoseki (former Kongo) passes away of pneumonia at the age of 65.
2014 Aug 12 PA Retired oyakata Tokitsukaze (former Futatsuryu) passes away of lung cancer at the age of 64.

2014 Jun 25 HC Inagawa (former Futeno) moves from Dewanoumi-beya to Chiganoura-beya as designated successor of the current Chiganoura (former Masudayama), who is approaching retirement age.
2014 May 29 KB Tokitenku buys Magaki-kabu from Magaki[18] (former Wakanohana).
2014 May 18 PA Retired oyakata Hanaregoma (former Kaiketsu) passes away after a collapse at the age of 66.

2014 Apr 03 OS The rijikai elections that have taken place in January become effective only of today. The Kyokai applied for the new "public corporation" legal status and went with the old rijikai until March 2014, both the end of the fiscal year and the end of the old status. The full election thread can be found here. Another thread about the new corporate status and the new committee who needs to formally nominate the riji (Hyogiinkai) can be found here. Most important results: Kitanoumi (Ichidai Toshiyori) is Rijicho again, Hakkaku (former Hokutoumi) is Operations Directors and inofficial Number 2, Takanohana (Ichidai Toshiyori) is Enterprises Director and inofficial Number 3, making it an all-yokozuna group again at the top of the Kyokai. The Shimpan department is open for non-Iin ranked oyakata now, too, as three Shunin step in. Kokonoe (former Chiyonofuji) is not re-elected as riji and does not even get Yakuin Taigu rank but plain Iin status. The four external Riji and Kanji continue, a fifth outsider is appointed as Riji: Tokugawa Yasuhisa, great-grandson of the last shogun.
2014 Apr 02 KC Mihogaseki (former Kinkaiyama) changes to Takasaki. After loaning his first kabu he is the owner of the Takasaki name now.
2014 Apr 02 RM Takasaki (former Washuyama) turns 65 and retires.
2014 Mar 20 KA Kotooshu retires and becomes Kotooshu-oyakata (Jun Toshiyori).

2014 Feb 01 KS Being close to mandatory retirement age, Dewanoumi (former Washuyama) switches his prestiguous kabu with Takasaki (former Oginohana). The new Dewanoumi is the heya's highest ranking oyakata who is not close to retirement age himself and continues the heya.
2014 Feb 01 HB Asakayama (former Kaio) branches out from Tomozuna-beya and opens up his own.
2014 Jan 26 KA Kimurayama retires and becomes Iwatomo-oyakata.
2014 Jan 21 KC/HC Hidenoyama (former Kotonishiki) changes to Nakamura (on loan). At the same time he moves from Sadogatake-beya to Oguruma-beya.

2013 Dec 25 HR Naruto (former Takanotsuru) changes to Tagonoura as the ownership to the Naruto-kabu is unclear between him and the widow of the former shisho. The heya is subsequently renamed into Tagonoura-beya.
2013 Dec 25 KC Nishikijima (former Zaonishiki) changes to Takekuma.
2013 Dec 20 KA Hochiyama retires and becomes Kimigahama-oyakata (on loan).
2013 Dec 19 RO Magaki (former Wakanohana) retires at the age of 60 because of bad health.
2013 Dec 17 KC Iwatomo (former Kinkaiyama) changes to Mihogaseki (on loan).
2013 Dec 16 KB Yoshikaze buys Nakamura-kabu from Nakamura[10] (former Fujizakura).
2013 Nov 16 RM Mihogaseki (former Masuiyama) turns 65 and retires.
2013 Nov 14 RM Shiranui (former Aobajo) turns 65 and retires.
2013 Nov 12 RM Takekuma (former Kurohimeyama) turns 65 and retires.

2013 Oct 22 KB Okinoumi buys Kimigahama-kabu from Kimigahama[10] (former Kitaseumi).
2013 Oct 03 HS Mihogaseki-beya shuts down. Mihogaseki (former Masuiyama), Matsuchiyama (former Banryuyama), all rikishi and all other personnel but one will be attached to Kasugano-beya from now on. One tokoyama moves to Kitanoumi-beya.

2013 Aug 29 HC Ikazuchi (former Kakizoe) moves from Fujishima-beya to Musashigawa-beya.
2013 Jul 02 RM Kimigahama (former Kitaseumi) turns 65 and retires.

2013 Jun 25 KC Araiso (former Tamarikido) changes to Nishonoseki. After loaning his first kabu he is the owner of the Nishonoseki name now.
2013 Jun 20 RO Nishonoseki (former Kongo) retires just five months before mandatory retirement age. He has been receiving hospital treatment for some months after suffering a stroke.
2013 May 08 KB Kotoshogiku buys Hidenoyama-kabu (that is rent to former Kotonishiki) from Hidenoyama[11] (former Hasegawa).
2013 May 07 KC Nishiiwa (former Tamanoshima) changes to Hanaregoma. After loaning his first kabu he is the owner of the Hanaregoma name now.

2013 Apr 25 KB Katsunoura (former Kirinishiki), who loaned this kabu, becomes regular owner of the kabu.
2013 Apr 09 KC Tagonoura (former Kinkaiyama) changes to Iwatomo (on loan).
2013 Apr 01 HB Musashigawa (former Musashimaru) branches out from Fujishima-beya and opens up his own.
2013 Mar 25 HS Magaki-beya shuts down. Magaki (former Wakanohana), all other personnel and all rikishi will be attached to Isegahama-beya from now on.
2013 Mar 24 KA Miyabiyama retires and becomes Futagoyama-oyakata.

2013 Feb 20 KC Futagoyama (former Kobo) changes to Tatsutagawa (on loan).
2013 Feb 16 RM Hanaregoma (former Kaiketsu) turns 65 and retires.
2013 Feb 09 RM Nakamura (former Fujizakura) turns 65 and retires.
2013 Feb 07 HS Hanaregoma-beya shuts down. Hanaregoma (former Kaiketsu), all other personnel and all rikishi will be attached to Shibatayama-beya from now on.
2013 Feb 04 KC Oshima (former Musashimaru) changes to Musashigawa.
2013 Feb 04 RM Musashigawa (former Mienoumi) turns 65 and retires. Although he is retiring from the Kyokai he will stay director of the Sumo Museum.
2013 Jan 31 OS After the retirement of riji Ikazuchi[16] (former Kasugafuji) in September Isegahama-ichimon holds a by-election for the vacant riji post. Since Isegahama (former Asahifuji) is the only candidate, he is nominated riji without an election being necessary.
2013 Jan 28 HS Nishonoseki-beya shuts down. Nishonoseki (former Kongo), Kitajin (former Kirinji), Minatogawa (former Daitetsu) and all other personnel will be attached to Matsugane-beya from now on. Fujigane (former Daizen) moves across ichimon borders to Kasugano-beya. The three remaining rikishi of the heya retire.
The oyakata of the ichimon decide that -- to honour the recently passed away Taiho -- the ichimon will still be called Nishonoseki-ichimon despite having no heya with that name any more. Later in the year someone should pick up the name and revive the heya.
2013 Jan 27 KA Bushuyama retires and becomes Onogawa-oyakata (on loan).
2013 Jan 27 KA Takamisakari retires and becomes Furiwake-oyakata.
2013 Jan 19 PA Retired oyakata Taiho (Ichidai Toshiyori) passes away of a heart attack at the age of 72.
2013 Jan 08 KC Ajigawa (former Shikishima) changes to Urakaze. After seven loaned kabu (including his Jun Toshiyori term) he is the owner of the Urakaze name now.
2013 Jan 04 KC Onogawa (former Kitazakura) changes to Shikihide and continues the heya, which former head (former Oshio) has become 65 years old today. Oshio and Kitazakura's father are close friends and were together in Tokitsukaze-ichimon (and so was Kitazakura's brother). Kitazakura is the only member of the family being part of Dewanoumi-ichimon and moves the heya over ichimon borders, it belongs to Dewanoumi-ichimon now.
2013 Jan 04 RM Shikihide (former Oshio) turns 65 and retires.

2012 Dec 19 OS After the scandal surrounding retired Ikazuchi[16] (former Kasugafuji), who has been a long-time holder of the Kasugayama-kabu, the former Kasugayama-Isegahama-kumiai drops one name and renames into Isegahama-ichimon.
2012 Dec 19 HS Nakamura-beya shuts down. Nakamura (former Fujizakura), almost all other personnel and all rikishi will be attached to Azumazeki-beya from now on. One gyoji moves to Hakkaku-beya.
2012 Dec 05 RM Urakaze (former Teruzakura) turns 65 and retires.

2012 Oct 22 RM Tatsutagawa (former Yutakayama) turns 65 and retires.
2012 Oct 16 KC Oshiogawa (former Kakizoe) changes to Ikazuchi. After loaning his first kabu he is now owning his new one.
2012 Oct 02 RM Iwatomo (former Tochiisami) turns 65 and retires.
2012 Sep 20 RO Riji Ikazuchi (former Kasugafuji) retires after submitting wrong expense statements and having an adulterous affair with a married Kyokai employee. His posts in the board of directors are distributed between Kokonoe (former Chiyonofuji) and Hakkaku (former Hokutoumi).

2012 Aug 30 KC Furiwake (former Musashimaru) changes to Oshima (on loan).
2012 Jul 24 RO External kanji Terasawa Noritada retires as he is discontent with the myoseki reform as driven by the current rijicho.
2012 Jul ?? OS The breakaway Takanohana-group is officially recognized as an own ichimon, albeit still called "group" on the Kyokai's website. Tatsunami (former Asahiyutaka), who voted against his ichimon in the 2012 rijikai elections, joins the group. With the loss of its head the former Tatsunami-ichimon renames into Kasugayama-Isegahama-kumiai ("association").

2012 Jun 25 KB Sendagawa (former Toki), who loaned this kabu, becomes regular owner as the previous owner -- retired oyakata Sendagawa[17] -- had to sell it until March 2013 (retired oyakata may keep their share until three years after retirement and must sell it afterwards).
2012 Jun 05 HC Sendagawa (former Toki) moves from Kokonoe-beya to Nishikido-beya.

2012 May 26 HS Hanakago-beya shuts down. Hanakago (former Daijuyama), all other personnel and all rikishi will be attached to Minezaki-beya from now on.
2012 Apr 25 KA Kakizoe retires and becomes Oshiogawa-oyakata (on loan).
2012 Apr 25 HS Oshima-beya shuts down as Oshima (former Asahikuni) reaches mandatory retirement age. All rikishi and other personnel will be attached to Tomozuna-beya from now on.
2012 Apr 23 KC Oshiogawa (former Toki) changes to Sendagawa (on loan).
2012 Apr 12 KC Sendagawa (former Kinkaiyama) changes to Tagonoura (on loan).
2012 Apr 01 HB Two years after the imposed shutdown of his heya, Kise (former Higonoumi) branches out again and re-starts his heya.

2012 Feb 29 KA Hamanishiki retires and becomes Kasugayama-oyakata. He continues the heya, to which its former head and now-Ikazuchi (former Kasugayama) is affiliated now.
2012 Feb 29 KC Kasugayama (former Kasugafuji) changes to Ikazuchi after becoming Riji. This is probably the first change under the new rule that no head of a heya should be in the board of directors (to avoid a double workload and to be able to concentrate on one job).
2012 Feb 22 OS A third external Kanji is appointed, Toshio Kamiyama (certified public accountant).
2012 Feb 13 PA Tagonoura (former Kushimaumi) passes away of ischemic heart failure at the age of 46. His heya (8 rikishi, no urakata) will be absorbed into Dewanoumi-beya, where he has been as an active rikishi.
2012 Feb 11 KC Ikazuchi (former Kirinishiki) changes to Katsunoura (on loan).
2012 Jan 30 OS The Kyokai elects a new board of directors. Again there is a crucial vote as eleven oyakata run for only ten posts. The full election thread can be found here. Most important results: Kitanoumi (Ichidai Toshiyori) is Rijicho again, Kokonoe (former Chiyonofuji) is Operations Directors and inofficial Number 2, Hakkaku (former Hokutoumi) is PR Director and inofficial Number 3, making it an all-yokozuna group at the top of the Kyokai. For the first time ever the Shimpan Director is a man who has not been yokozuna or ozeki (Kagamiyama, former Tagaryu) and a Toshiyori ranked man is member of the Shimpan department (Azumazeki, former Ushiomaru). The three first ever external directors step down and are replaced by Katsuji Ebisawa (former head of the Yokozuna Deliberation Council, former head of District Public Prosecutor's special investigations department, Director at the Japanese Red Cross) and Norio Munakata (lawyer) as Riji and ... Okabe (priest and head of a high school) as Kanji.
2012 Jan 22 KA Tochinonada retires and becomes Takenawa-oyakata.
2012 Jan 21 RO Takenawa (former Yotsukasa) retires at the age of 38.

2011 Dec 28 HC Oyama (former Daihi) moves from Takasago-beya to Azumazeki-beya.
2011 Nov 21 KA Tamanoshima retires and becomes Nishiiwa-oyakata (on loan).
2011 Nov 08 KC Nishiiwa (former Takanotsuru) changes to Naruto and continues the heya (of his late shisho) he has been affiliated to until now.
2011 Nov 07 PA Naruto (former Takanosato) passes away of respiratory failure at the age of 59.

2011 Sep 26 RM Katsunoura (former Fujinokawa) turns 65 and retires.
2011 Sep 25 KS Being one day before mandatory retirement age, Isenoumi (former Fujinokawa) switches his kabu with affiliated oyakata Katsunoura (former Kitakachidoki). The new Isenoumi continues the heya.

2011 Jul 20 KA Kaio retires and becomes Asakayama-oyakata.
2011 Jul 14 KC Asakayama (former Kirinishiki) changes to Ikazuchi (on loan).

2011 Jun 30 RM Ikazuchi (former Haguroiwa) turns 65 and retires.
2011 Jun 16 HS Takashima-beya shuts down. Takashima (former Koboyama) and all other personnel (but no remaining rikishi as the last one retired) will be attached to Kasugayama-beya from now on.
2011 May 14 KA Hokutoriki retires and becomes Tanigawa-oyakata.
2011 May 04 KA Futeno retires and becomes Inagawa-oyakata.
2011 Apr 26 KC Inagawa (former Kinkaiyama) changes to Sendagawa (on loan).
2011 Apr 18 PA Retired oyakata Sendagawa (former Wakanaruto) passes away of heart failure at the age of 72.
2011 Apr 06 OS In the wake of the yaocho scandals more punishments are handed out; many oyakata who were found guilty of not supervising their rikishi properly are demoted one or more ranks.
2011 Apr 06 RO Tanigawa (former Kaiho) is dismissed at the age of 38 after being found guilty during the yaocho investigations (but was adamant that he is innocent and thus refused to retire "voluntarily").
2011 Apr 06 KC Sendagawa (former Yotsukasa) changes to Takenawa (on loan).
2011 Apr 05 RO Takenawa (former Kasuganishiki) retires at the age of 36 after being found guilty during the yaocho investigations.
2011 Apr 04 RO/KB Active rikishi Shimotori retires at the age of 33 after being found guilty during the yaocho investigations. His Nishikijima-kabu (that is rent to former Zaonishiki) is acquired by Toyonoshima.

2011 Feb 02 OS Some oyakata are taking over other jobs at the kyokai: Musashigawa (former Mienoumi) replaces Isenoumi (former Fujinogawa) as Acting Sumo Museum Curator. Takadagawa (former Akinoshima) changes to the Jungyo department, his old tasks in Operations, Information, Lifestyle Guidance (CMT) and General Enterprises (Ass. Supervisor) are not re-assigned for the moment. Joining him is Oshiogawa (former Toki). They replace Edagawa (former Aogiyama), who moves to the Osaka Basho team, and Kitajin (former Kirinji), who does not pick up a new role.
At the same meeting Takasago (former Asashio) is re-promoted to Iin while Yamawake (former Buyuzan) and Otake (former Dairyu) are promoted to Shunin, the latter one earning his first promotion after 13 years as oyakata, but since he has been loaning his kabu until just a year ago he hasn't been eligible for promotion earlier.
2011 Jan 23 HS Kiriyama-beya shuts down. Kiriyama (former Kurosegawa), Urakaze (former Teruzakura), almost all other personnel (eight persons, many of them "inherited" from the old Isegahama-beya and thus changing their heya once more) and the four remaining rikishi will be attached to Asahiyama-beya from now on. One gyoji and one tokoyama move to Oitekaze-beya, one yobidashi moves to Tomozuna-beya.
2011 Jan 23 KA Kasuganishiki retires and becomes Takenawa-oyakata (on loan).
2011 Jan 23 KC Takenawa (former Tochisakae) changes to Kiyomigata (on loan).
2011 Jan 21 KB Tochiozan buys Kiyomigata-kabu from Kiyomigata[10] (former Dairyugawa).
2011 Jan 20 RM Kiyomigata (former Dairyugawa) turns 65 and retires.
2011 Jan 17 OS Takadagawa's (former Akinoshima) heya joins Nishonoseki-ichimon. Since the breakaway of Takanohana (Ichidai Toshiyori) and his group has never officially been recognized there is no renegade heya any more now.

2010 Dec 29 KS At the command ("recommendation") of the rijikai Miyagino (former Kanechika) switches his kabu with Kumagatani (former Chikubayama). The new Miyagino continues the heya that he has headed for some years already, but soon after states that he sees himself just as caretaker of the heya until someone qualified comes along (obviously speaking of Hakuho). The old Miyagino was caught on audio tape bragging about yaocho but insisted that he had been medicated at that time. Additionally to the forced switch the old Miyagino is demoted to Toshiyori and will never again be allowed to become a stablemaster.
2010 Dec 15 KA Tosanoumi retires and becomes Tatekawa-oyakata.
2010 Nov 28 KC Tatekawa (former Kirinishiki) changes to Asakayama (on loan).

2010 Sep 29 HR Fujishima (former Musoyama) takes over his shisho's Musashigawa-beya, which is subsequently renamed into Fujishima-beya. Musashigawa (former Mienoumi) stays with the heya but concentrates on his duties as a director of the NSK.
2010 Sep 26 KA Iwakiyama retires and becomes Sekinoto-oyakata.
2010 Sep 08 OS Some more verdicts after the gambling scandal: Another two Iin are demoted to Toshiyori. Sadogatake (former Kotonowaka) for not instructing dismissed ex-Kotomitsuki well and Matsugane (former Wakashimazu) for having some gamblers in his heya and renting logdings from yakuza members. Both lose their place in the Shimpan group (Sadogatake moves to Jungyo department, Matsugane to SCIC) and are replaced by Minatogawa (former Daitetsu) and Minezaki (former Misugiiso). Sanoyama (former Chiyotaikai), whose name was also mentioned in a weekly magazine, comes away with no punishment ("choose to ignore the article").
2010 Sep 01 KC Asakayama (former Toki) changes to Oshiogawa (on loan).
2010 Sep 01 KC Sekinoto (former Buyuzan) changes to Yamawake (on loan).

2010 Aug 31 RO Yamawake (former Wakanoyama) retires at the age of 38. His vacated place in the Shimpan department is taken by Fujishima (former Musoyama).
2010 Aug 12 OS Hanaregoma (former Kaiketsu) is elected as new Rijicho as Musashigawa (former Mienoumi) stepped back from this post citing health reasons, having been hospitalized some weeks already during the scandal around Ozumo having ties to organized crime groups. At the same time one more of the external Kanji spots is filled by Terasawa Noritada (former Vice President of the Develompent Bank of Japan). Some internal Riji change their departments, a full list of changes can be found here.
2010 Aug 09 RO Oshiogawa (former Wakatoba) retires because of personal reasons at the age of 33. New owner of the kabu is Takekaze (active rikishi).
2010 Aug 06 PA Retired oyakata Oshiogawa (former Daikirin) passes away at the age of 68.
2010 Aug 06 HC Futagoyama (former Kobo) moves from Miyagino-beya to Takanohana-beya as he sees no future in his old ichimon (he voted against his ichimon's riji candidate in the 2010 elections).
2010 Jul 27 KS Being close to mandatory retirement age, Minato (former Yutakayama) switches his prestiguous kabu with Tatsutagawa (former Minatofuji). The new Minato continues the heya.
2010 Jul 18 KA Kaiho retires and becomes Tanigawa-oyakata (on loan).
2010 Jul 10 KC Tanigawa (former Shikishima) changes to Ajigawa (on loan).
2010 Jul 07 KC Ajigawa (former Kobo) changes to Futagoyama (on loan).
2010 Jul 04 (KC) Futagoyama (former Dairyu) takes over kabu and heya from Otake (former Takatoriki) as the latter one is fired by the Kyokai for being heavily involved in illegal basebal gambling.
2010 Jul 04 OS The new external committee for dealing with the gambling scandal hands out the first verdicts. Active rikishi Kotomitsuki and Otake (former Takatoriki) are banned for lifetime from Ozumo because of their heavy involvement in illegal gambling. Onomatsu (former Masurao) is demoted from Iin to Toshiyori for ten years as his heya has been sort of a centre of the illegal activities, Tokitsukaze (former Tokitsuumi) is demoted from Shunin to Toshiyori for five years. All Riji get salary cuts, the Rijicho Musashigawa (former Mienoumi) even -30% for July and August. The Rijicho will be replaced by external Riji Murayama, who will serve as Acting Rijicho for the next month.

2010 May 30 HS Kise-beya is shut down. After acquiring basho tickets for a crime syndicate Kise (former Higonoumi) is demoted from Iin to Toshiyori and forced to merge his heya into Kitanoumi's (Ichidai Toshiyori) heya; the second option of Mihogaseki (former Masuiyama), Kise's "mother heya" is succcessfully fought against by Kise himself. Another oyakata involved in the scandal -- to a lesser extent -- is Kiyomigata (former Dairyugawa) who gets away with a warning.

2010 Mar 09 KA Kitazakura retires and becomes Onogawa-oyakata (on loan).
2010 Mar 09 KC Onogawa (former Yotsukasa) changes to Sendagawa (on loan).
2010 Mar 08 RM Sendagawa (former Maenoyama) turns 65 and retires.

2010 Feb 10 OS After Asashoryu allegedly had punched an acquaintance and is forced to retire, Takasago (former Asashio) is demoted from Yakuin Taigu to Shunin for not being able to control his deshi. His new job will be "person in charge of the emergency exits" in Haru Basho.
2010 Feb 04 KS Being still five years away from mandatory retirement age but of delicate health, Kataonami (former Tamanofuji) switches his prestiguous kabu with Tateyama (former Tamakasuga). The new Kataonami continues the heya.
2010 Jan 22 KA Tamarikido retires and becomes Araiso-oyakata (on loan).
2010 Jan 22 OS As Takanohana (Ichidai Toshiyori) has not been made an official rijikai candidate the six oyakata Futagoyama (former Dairyu), Magaki (former Wakanohana), Onomatsu (former Masurao), Otake (former Takatoriki), Otowayama (former Takanonami) and Tokiwayama (former Takamisugi) also decide to leave Nishonoseki-ichimon.
2010 Jan 13 KA Chiyotaikai retires and becomes Sanoyama-oyakata.
2010 Jan 13 KC Sanoyama (former Toki) changes to Asakayama (on loan).
2010 Jan 8 OS Being not nominated as official rijikai candidate Takanohana (Ichidai Toshiyori) decides to leave Nishonoseki-ichimon.

2009 Sep 27 KC Araiso (former Kotonishiki) changes to Hidenoyama (on loan).
2009 Sep 03 KC Tochiazuma (Jun Toshiyori) changes to Tamanoi and takes over his father's heya.
2009 Sep 02 RM Tamanoi (former Tochiazuma) turns 65 and retires.

2009 Aug 05 KS Being close to mandatory retirement age, Takadagawa (former Maenoyama) switches his prestiguous kabu with Sendagawa (former Akinoshima). The new Takadagawa continues the heya.
2009 Jul 23 KA Dejima retires and becomes Onaruto-oyakata.
2009 Jul 23 KC Onaruto (former Buyuzan) changes to Sekinoto (on loan).
2009 Jul 23 KC Sekinoto (former Yotsukasa) changes to Onogawa (on loan).
2009 Jul 19 RM Hidenoyama (former Hasegawa) turns 65 and retires.

2009 Jun 16 KC Onogawa (former Ushiomaru) changes to Azumazeki.
2009 Jun 15 RM Azumazeki (former Takamiyama) turns 65 and retires.
2009 May 24 KA Ushiomaru retires and becomes Onogawa-oyakata (on loan). He will take over his shisho's kabu and heya soon as Azumazeki (former Takamiyama) reaches mandatory retirement age in June.
2009 May 07 KB Futeno buys Inagawa-kabu (that is rent to former Kinkaiyama) from Inagawa[11] (former Yoshinohana).

2009 Mar 28 KA Otsukasa retires and becomes Wakafuji-oyakata.
2009 Mar 24 KC Onogawa (former Shikishima) changes to Tanigawa (on loan).

2009 Feb 02 OS At a Kyokai's executive meeting Oguruma (former Kotokaze) is demoted from Iin to Toshiyori as his deshi Wakakirin has been found guilty of drug use. Both earlier demoted Magaki (former Wakanohana) and Otake (former Takatoriki) have apparently worn sackcloth and ashes long enough and are re-promoted one rank to Yakuin Taigu and Shunin, repsectively.
At the same meeting some vice directors are re-assigned to other departments: Takanohana (Ichidai Toshiyori) takes over Jungyo and Security and gives up Shimpan, Takasago takes over Shimpan and gives up SCIC, Minato (former Yutakayama) takes over Guidance and gives up Jungyo and Security, Magaki takes over Guidance (vice). The SCIC and Sumo Training School vice seats become empty. Within the Operations department there is a Crisis Management Team installed, its first members ever are Sendagawa (former Akinoshima) and Tochiazuma (Jun Toshiyori).
2009 Jan 13 KC Asakayama (former Kotonishiki) changes to Araiso (on loan).
2009 Jan 05 KB Kisenosato buys Araiso-kabu (currently vacant) from Araiso[12] (former Futagodake).

2008 Dec 24 RM Tanigawa (former Shiratayama) turns 65 and retires.
2008 Dec 23 OS It is announced that Sendagawa (former Akinoshima) will inherit Takadagawa's (former Maenoyama) heya in August 2009. The latter one has some time left until mandatory retirement but he wants the former one "to get accustomed to things."
2008 Nov 14 RM Araiso (former Futagodake) turns 65 and retires.

2008 Oct 22 KC Musashimaru (Jun Toshiyori) changes to Furiwake (on loan). With that change he moves from the Iin Taigu Toshiyori rank (highest Toshiyori) to the end of the list as newest kabu borrower.
2008 Sep 30 OS After the recent scandals the Ministry of Education demanded that external directors be chosen. Appointed as of today are Hiroyoshi Murayama (former Superintendent of Tokyo's Prosecutor's Office) and Shigeru Ito (former professor at Tokyo and Keio Universities) as Riji and Jun Yoshino (former Chief of National Police Agency) as Kanji. The "internal" Kanji Mihogaseki (former Masuiyama), Minato (former Yutakayama) and Shiranui (former Aobajo) become Fukuriji (new rank).
2008 Sep 29 KC Wakafuji (former Yotsukasa) changes to Sekinoto (on loan).
2008 Sep 28 HS Araiso-beya shuts down. Araiso (former Futagodake) will work at Matsugane-beya until his mandatory retirement in six weeks. The heya personnel will move to Matsugane-beya, too, while the deshi will move to Hanakago-beya.
2008 Sep 28 KC Sekinoto (former Kinkaiyama) changes to Inagawa (on loan).
2008 Sep 28 KA Tamakasuga retires and becomes Tateyama-oyakata.
2008 Sep 27 RO Tateyama (former Ozutsu) retires at the age of 52.
2008 Sep 08 OS At a Kyokai's executive meeting Kitanoumi (Ichidai Toshiyori) steps down as Rijicho and is demoted to Riji as his deshi Hakurozan has been found guilty of drug use. The new Rijicho Musashigawa (former Mienoumi) is elected unanimously. Kitanoumi takes over the vacant Osaka Basho department, Isenoumi (former Fujinogawa) will head Musashigawa's departments in addition to his own ones in the future.
2008 Sep 08 OS At a Kyokai's executive meeting Otake (former Takatoriki) is demoted from Iin to Toshiyori as his deshi Roho has been found guilty of drug use.
2008 Sep 03 RM Inagawa (former Yoshinohana) turns 65 and retires.

2008 Aug 21 OS At a Kyokai's executive meeting Magaki (former Wakanohana) steps down as Riji and is demoted to Iin as his deshi Wakanoho has been found guilty of drug use. His department (Osaka Basho) remains headless for the moment, and ironically he is assigned to the Lifestyle Guidance department. Offers by former Taiho (Ichidai Toshiyori) and Hidenoyama (former Hasegawa) to help out managing Magaki-beya go unheard.
2008 Jul 07 RM Furiwake (former Asaarashi) turns 65 and retires.

2008 Jun ?? KB Iwakiyama buys Sekinoto-kabu (that is rent to former Kinkaiyama) from Sekinoto[13] (former Fukunohana). (The sale was officially confirmed on 2008 Sep 28.)

2008 Apr 24 KB Oshiogawa (former Wakatoba), who loaned this kabu, becomes regular owner as the previous owner had to sell it (according to the new rule that every oyakata must sell his kabu within three years after retirement).

2008 Feb 07 HC Sanoyama (former Toki) moves from Takasago-beya to Kokonoe-beya.
2008 Jan 24 KB Takamisakari buys Furiwake-kabu. Its current holder, former Asaarashi, will have his mandatory retirement in six months.
Note: When Musashimaru rented Furiwake-kabu in October 2008 Asaarashi was named as the (still) owner of the kabu.
2008 Jan 24 KA Tochinohana retires and becomes Hatachiyama-oyakata.
2008 Jan 24 KA Tochisakae retires and becomes Takenawa-oyakata (on loan).
2008 Jan 24 KC Hatachiyama (former Yotsukasa) changes to Wakafuji (on loan).
2008 Jan 23 RO Takenawa (former Harunoyama) retires at the age of 31.
2008 Jan 23 RO Wakafuji (former Asanosho) retires at the age of 38.
2008 Jan ?? KB Otsukasa buys Wakafuji-kabu (that is rent to former Asanosho) from Wakafuji[12] (former Katsuhikari). (The sale was officially confirmed on 2008 Mar 15.)

2007 Dec 07 KA Kobo retires and becomes Ajigawa-oyakata (on loan).
2007 Nov 30 KB Aminishiki acquires Ajigawa-kabu.
2007 Nov 30 KC Ajigawa (former Asahifuji) changes to Isegahama. Ajigawa-beya is subsequently renamed into Isegahama-beya.
2007 Nov 25 KC Harunoyama (Jun Toshiyori) changes to Takenawa (on loan). With that the official Jun Toshiyori spots (i.e. Sekiwake and below) have finally disappeared.
2007 Nov 25 KA Buyuzan retires and becomes Onaruto-oyakata (on loan).
2007 Nov 24 RO Onaruto (former Kotogaume) retires at the age of 44.
2007 Nov 11 HC Hamakaze (former Gojoro) moves from Magaki-beya to Sadogatake-beya because of "personal circumstances".

2007 Oct 06 KB Shimootori buys Nishikijima-kabu (that is rent to former Zaonishiki) from Tokitsuumi.
2007 Oct 06 KA Tokitsuumi retires and becomes Tokitsukaze-oyakata. The date is for the books only to avoid a shisho-less heya. Actually the change happened on Oct 09 after some days of seeking a new suitable Tokitsukaze and finishing all the intai formalities for a rikishi.
2007 Oct 05 RO Tokitsukaze (former Futatsuryu) is expelled from the Kyokai after the police charged him for causing the death of a 17 year old deshi. During the investigation it became clear that the young rikishi died from a vicious butsugari session and hazing by senior rikishi (which was not stopped or even encouraged by Tokitsukaze, who himself hit the boy with a beer bottle one day earlier). He is demanded to give up his kabu at once.

2007 Aug 29 KA Wakatoba retires and becomes Oshiogawa-oyakata (on loan). The retirement announcement has leaked some months ago, but Wakatoba retired officially only now as Oshiogawa-kabu (owned by his former shisho) was freed.
2007 Aug 28 KC Oshiogawa (former Asanosho) changes to Wakafuji (on loan).
2007 Aug 27 KB Shiratama (former Kototsubaki), who loaned this kabu, becomes regular owner as the previous owner died two weeks ago.
2007 Aug 27 OS Michinoku (former Kirishima) is assigned to the Shimpan department and replaces Tokitsukaze (former Futatsuryu).
2007 Aug 14 PA Retired oyakata Sadogatake (former Kotozakura) passes away of blood poisoning at the age of 66.
2007 Aug 09 RM Wakafuji (former Katsuhikari) turns 65 and retires.
2007 Aug 03 KC Isegahama (former Katsuhikari) changes back to his own kabu Wakafuji after he has been the interm-Isegahama for a year and finalized the shutdown of the prestiguous heya.
2007 Jul 19 KC Takenawa (former Kotonishiki) changes to Asakayama (on loan).

2007 May 31 KC Takanotsuru (Jun Toshiyori) changes to Nishiiwa (on loan).
2007 May 30 RO Nishiiwa (former Wakanojo) retires at the age of 34.
2007 May 30 KC Toki (Jun Toshiyori) changes to Sanoyama (on loan).
2007 May 29 KC Sanoyama (former Zaonishiki) changes to Nishikijima (on loan).
2007 May 18 KC Kinkaiyama (Jun Toshiyori) changes to Sekinoto (on loan).
2007 May 16 KC Nishikijima (former Shikishima) changes to Onogawa (on loan).
2007 May 07 KA Tochiazuma retires and becomes Tochiazuma-oyakata (Jun Toshiyori).

2007 Apr 17 PA Retired oyakata Tamagaki (former Wakanami) passes away of heart complications after a pneumonia at the age of 66.

2007 Feb 15 KC Sekinoto (former Asanosho) changes to Oshiogawa (on loan).
2007 Feb 01 HS Isegahama-beya shuts down. Gyoji Shikimori Kinnosuke will move to Takashima-beya, all other personnel and deshi move along with Isegahama (former Katsuhikaru) to Kiriyama-beya.
2007 Jan 29 OS Tamanoi (former Tochiazuma) is promoted to Yakuin Taigu Iin.
2007 Jan 29 OS Oitekaze (former Daishoyama) is assigned to the Shimpan department and replaces Takashima (former Koboyama).

2006 Dec 26 KC Onogawa (former Ganyu) changes to Yamahibiki.
2006 Dec 26 KC Yamahibiki (former Dairyu) changes to Futagoyama (on loan).
2006 Dec 13 OS The Kyokai decides to abolish the Jun Toshiyori status. The current holders of a Jun Toshiyori share may go on though until it expires.
2006 Nov 27 KC Gojoro (Jun Toshiyori) changes to Hamakaze.
2006 Nov 26 RO Hamakaze (former Misugisato) retires at the age of 44.
2006 Nov 20 RM Wakafuji (former Kiyokuni) turns 65 and retires.
2006 Nov 19 KS Being one day before mandatory retirement age, Isegahama (former Kiyokuni) switches his kabu with affiliated oyakata Wakafuji (former Katsuhikari). The new Isegahama continues the heya, but is already 64 years old and thus has just one year left to lead the heya into a brighter future than his predecessor could. It was totally unclear until today what would happen to the prestiguous Isegahama-kabu.
2006 Nov 19 OS The Rijikai decides in its meeting that there will be no raise of salaries for the sixth straight year.
2006 Nov 18 KA Harunoyama retires and becomes Harunoyama-oyakata (Jun Toshiyori).

2006 Sep 28 KC Yotsukasa (Jun Toshiyori) changes to Hatachiyama (on loan).
2006 Sep 27 OS The Kyokai issues guidelines for opening an own heya. This is done as the number of 54 heya (compared to currently 109 oyakata) seems to high and to make sure "to bring up rikishi well." Some speculate that there is also a big portion of protectionism involded, giving a big advantage to heya owners (some talented oyakata with a good sense for scouting can't branch out any more and have to stay -- and with them the cash). The rules are as follows: At least 25 basho in Sanyaku or at least 60 basho in Makuuchi. Yokozuna and Ozeki can establish a heya regardless of basho number, but may branch out at the earliest one year after their intai. For inheriting a heya you still need 12 Makuuchi basho or 20 as sekitori.
2006 Sep 18 KB Tochinohana buys Hatachiyama-kabu from the heirs of the deceased Hatachiyama[13] (former Hokutenyu).

2006 Aug 01 HB Onoe (former Hamanoshima) branches out from Mihogaseki-beya and opens up his own.

2006 Jun 23 (HM) The Kyokai announces that the rikishi and urakata at deceased Hatachiyama's (former Hokutenyu) heya will move to Kitanoumi-beya. Kitanoumi (Ichidai Toshiyori) was heya mate of Hatachiyama in their rikishi days and their shisho had the hope to rise them both to Yokozuna, "one on the east, and the other one on the west."
2006 Jun 22 PA Hatachiyama (former Hokutenyu) passes away of pancreatic cancer at the age of 45.
2006 Jun 20 RO Oshiogawa (former Daikirin) retires at the age of 64 as he feels too tired to complete the last year.
2006 May 29 PA Retired oyakata Izutsu (former Tsurugamine) passes away of blood poisoning at the age of 77.
2006 May 21 KA Kinkaiyama retires and becomes Kinkaiyama-oyakata (Jun Toshiyori).
2006 May 18 KA Takanotsuru retires and becomes Takanotsuru-oyakata (Jun Toshiyori).
2006 May 05 KA Toki retires and becomes Toki-oyakata (Jun Toshiyori).

2006 Apr 28 RO Kotoryu (Jun Toshiyori) retires at the age of 34 to help at his father's business.
2006 Apr 24 OS Fujishima (former Musoyama) is assigned to the Shimpan department because of the severe illness of judge Hatachiyama (former Hokutenyu).
2006 Mar 02 KC Asakayama (former Tomonohana) changes to Tamagaki.
2006 Mar 01 RM Tamagaki (former Wakanami) turns 65 and retires.

2006 Jan 21 KB Asakayama (former Tomonohana) buys Tamagaki-kabu. Its current holder, former Wakanami, will have his mandatory retirement in one week.
2006 Jan 30 OS The Rijikai elections for 2006/2007 took place. Here is a little article on the elections.

2005 Nov 27 KA Yotsukasa retires and becomes Yotsukasa-oyakata (Jun Toshiyori).
2005 Nov 26 RM Sadogatake (former Kotozakura) turns 65 and retires.
2005 Nov 25 (KA) Kotonowaka retires. As soon as his father-in-law turns 65, he will become Sadogatake-oyakata.
2005 Nov 17 KA Gojoro retires and becomes Gojoro-oyakata (Jun Toshiyori).

2005 Aug 11 KA Wakanoyama retires and becomes Yamawake-oyakata. The number of vacant kabu reduces to one.
2005 Aug 09 KC Yamawake (former Kototsubaki) changes to Shiratama (on loan).
2005 Aug 08 KC Shiratama (former Zaonishiki) changes to Sanoyama (on loan).
2005 Aug 05 KB Tokitsuumi buys Nishikijima-kabu (that is rent to former Shikishima) from his former shisho Nishikijima[14] (former Yutakayama).
2005 Aug 05 KC Sanoyama (former Asanosho) changes to Sekinoto (on loan).
2005 Jul 13 OS Within two days, both Tateyama (former Ozutsu) and Tokitsukaze (former Futatsuryu) were hospitalized with light strokes. While 49 years old Tateyama (who is known to suffer from diabetes) is scheduled to return soon, the 55 years old Tokitsukaze will be kyujo for at least two weeks.
2005 Jul 01 RM Sekinoto (former Fukunohana) turns 65 and retires.

2005 Jun 04 KB Wakanosato buys Nishiiwa-kabu (that is rent to former Wakanojo) from Nishiiwa[7] (former Daimonji).
2005 May 30 PA Futagoyama (former Takanohana) passes away of cancer of the mouth at the age of 55.
2005 May 29 RM Taiho (Ichidai Toshiyori) turns 65 and retires. As he is/was an outstanding person in the Kyokai, he is made Sumo Museum Director. He will continue under the name of Taiho at this post.
2005 May 28 KC Oikari (Jun Toshiyori) changes to Kabutoyama.
2005 May 27 RM Kabutoyama (former Daiyu) turns 65 and retires.
2005 May 16 KC Wakanojo (Jun Toshiyori) changes to Nishiiwa (on loan). There are no vacant kabu left at the moment.

2005 Apr 28 KA Asanowaka retires and becomes Wakamatsu-oyakata. The number of vacant kabu reduces to one.
2005 Apr 28 KC Wakamatsu (former Asanosho) changes to Sanoyama (on loan).
2005 Apr 25 KC Sanoyama (former Dairyu) changes to Yamahibiki (on loan).
2005 Apr 20 HC Asakayama (former Tomonohana) moves from Tatsunami-beya to Tomozuna-beya.
2005 Apr 19 KA Kotoryu retires and becomes Kotoryu-oyakata (Jun Toshiyori).
2005 Mar 27 RM Nishiiwa (former Daimonji) has turned 65 one month ago and retires. He was allowed to stay a bit longer because he was responsible for the Osaka tournament which ended this day. The number of vacant kabu increases to two.
2005 Mar 27 HS Oshiogawa-beya shuts down. The remaining deshi move along with Oshiogawa (former Daikirin) to Oguruma-beya, where the rest of the personnel has moved to already.

2005 Jan 31 OS Some oyakata have been assigned to new posts: With Nishiiwa (former Daimonji) retiring soon, Fujigane (former Daizen) and Nakagawa (former Asahisato) join the Osaka Basho Operations team. Both originate from Osaka. Sekinoto (former Fukunohana), facing mandatory retirement in July, steps back from his post as Kokugikan Operations Officer.
2005 Jan 27 OS Nishiiwa (former Daimonji) will turn 65 in one month and have to retire then. Being a Regional Basho Officer for Osaka (March tournament), the Kyokai acknowledged his retirement taking place after the basho.
2005 Jan 05 HC Tatsutayama (former Sasshunada) moves from Izutsu-beya to Michinoku-beya.

2004 Dec 28 KB Tochinonada buys Takenawa-kabu (that is rent to former Kotonishiki) from his former master and now retired Takenawa (former Tochinoumi).
2004 Dec 22 KB Tosanoumi buys Tatekawa-kabu (that is rent to former Kirinishiki) from Isenoumi (former Fujinogawa).
2004 Dec 01 HC Shiranui (former Aobajo) moves from Oshiogawa-beya to Oguruma-beya.
2004 Nov 26 KA Oikari retires and becomes Oikari-oyakata (Jun Toshiyori).
2004 Nov 16 KA Musoyama retires and becomes Fujishima-oyakata. The number of vacant kabu reduces to one.
2004 Nov 04 OS Jonosuke wrote an excellent article about the genesis of Nishonoseki-ichimon. Besides the ichimon history from its beginning the article is a good introduction into the ichimon system. Highly recommended!

2004 Sep 27 HB Chiganoura (former Masudayama) branches out from Kasugano-beya and opens up his own.
2004 Sep 24 OS Isegahama loses his post as Yakuin Taigu (Vice Director of the Lifestyle Guidance Department) after he has spoken out to the Weekly Shukan Post.
2004 Sep 27 HC Sendagawa (former Akinoshima) moves from Takanohana-beya to Takadagawa-beya.

2004 Aug 26 KA Kanechika retires and becomes Miyagino-oyakata (and takes over the heya).
2004 Aug 23 KC Miyagino (former Chikubayama) changes to Kumagatani (on loan). He will stay with Miyagino-beya.
2004 Aug 23 KC Kumagatani (former Asahisato) changes to Nakagawa.
2004 Aug 07 KC Nakagawa (former Zaonishiki) changes to Shiratama (on loan). The number of vacant kabu reduces to two.

2004 May 27 KC Fujishima (former Akinoshima) changes to Sendagawa.
2004 May 10 KA Hamanoshima retires and becomes Onoe-oyakata.
2004 May 10 KA Takanonami retires and becomes Otowayama-oyakata.
2004 May 09 KA Wakanojo retires and becomes Wakanojo-oyakata (Jun Toshiyori).

2004 Apr 18 KC Otowayama (former Takamisugi) changes to Tokiwayama (on loan).
2004 Apr 16 RM Tokiwayama (former Wakachichibu) turns 65 and retires.
2004 Mar 31 HS Takekuma-beya shuts down. Takekuma (former Kurohimeyama) was the only person in the heya after the retirement of the last deshi and continues to work at Tomozuna-beya.

2004 Feb 07 RM Sendagawa (former Wakanaruto) turns 65 and retires.
2004 Feb 01 HB Shikoroyama (former Terao) branches out from Izutsu-beya and opens up his own.
2004 Feb 01 HR Takanohana (Ichidai Toshiyori) takes over his father's Futagoyama-beya, which is subsequently renamed into Takanohana-beya. Futagoyama (former Takanohana) stays with the heya but concentrates on his duties as a director of the NSK.
2004 Jan 23 KA Oginishiki retires and becomes Nakadachi-oyakata.

2003 Dec 17 PA Retired oyakata Wakamatsu (former Fujinishiki) passes away of a liver disease at the age of 66.
2003 Dec 01 HB Kise (former Higonoumi) branches out from Mihogaseki-beya and opens up his own.
2003 Nov 18 KA Aogiyama retires and becomes Edagawa-oyakata.
2003 Nov 17 KC Edagawa (former Zaonishiki) changes to Nakagawa (on loan).
2003 Nov 16 KA Musashimaru retires and becomes Musashimaru-oyakata (Jun Toshiyori).
2003 Nov 06 RO Akebono (Jun Toshiyori) retires at the age of 34 to join K-1.

2003 Sep 30 KC Asanosho (Jun Toshiyori) changes to Wakamatsu (on loan).
2003 Sep 19 KC Wakamatsu (former Kotonishiki) changes to Takenawa (on loan).
2003 Sep 17 KC Shiratama (former Kototsubasa) changes to Yamawake (on loan). Shiratama-kabu becomes vacant.

2003 Jun 18 RO Daishi (Jun Toshiyori) retires at the age of 35 to start a career as singer.
2003 Jun 16 RM Nakagawa (former Oiteyama) turns 65 and retires.
2003 May 24 KA Akinoshima retires and becomes Fujishima-oyakata.

2003 Apr 28 PA Yamawake (former Tochifuji) passes away of cardiac infarction at the age of 56.
2003 Mar 23 KS Takanohana and Akinoshima change their kabu Fujishima and Yamahibiki.
2003 Mar 21 KA Daizen retires and becomes Fujigane-oyakata.
2003 Mar 13 RM Takenawa (former Tochinoumi) turns 65 and retires.

2003 Feb 24 KS Being close to mandatory retirement age, Kasugano (former Tochinoumi) switches his prestiguous kabu with Takenawa (former Tochinowaka). The new Kasugano continues the heya.
2003 Feb 17 RM Nakadachi (former Sadanoyama) turns 65 and retires.
2003 Feb 13 KC Tomonohana (Jun Toshiyori) changes to Asakayama (on loan).
2003 Feb 12 RO Asakayama (former Owakamatsu) retires at the age of 36 as he could not find another kabu to rent.
2003 Feb 03 HR Otake (former Takatoriki) takes over his father-in-law's Taiho-beya, which is subsequently renamed into Otake-beya. Taiho (Ichidai Toshiyori) stays with the heya but concentrates on his duties as a director of the NSK.
2003 Jan 27 KS Being close to mandatory retirement age, Sakaigawa (former Sadanoyama) switches his prestiguous kabu with Nakadachi (former Ryogoku). Nakadachi-beya is subsequently renamed into Sakaigawa-beya.
2003 Jan 22 KC Fujigane (former Shikishima) changes to Nishikijima (on loan).
2003 Jan 20 KA Takanohana retires and becomes Takanohana-oyakata (Ichidai Toshiyori). He is only the fourth rikishi to be allowed to take over the name he had as rikishi.

2002 Dec 24 HS Kabutoyama-beya shuts down. Kabutoyama (former Daiyu) continues to work at Minato-beya.
2002 Dec 01 HB Nishikido (former Mitoizumi) branches out from Takasago-beya and opens up his own.
2002 Nov 20 KA Higonoumi retires and becomes Kise-oyakata.

2002 Sep 22 KA Terao retires and becomes Shikoroyama-oyakata.
2002 Sep 20 HC Being retired as an active rikishi, Otake (former Takatoriki) finally can join the heya of his father-in-law, Taiho (Ichidai Toshiyori).
2002 Sep 19 KA Takatoriki retires and becomes Otake-oyakata. Unlike his predecessors, he uses the reading "Otake" instead of "Odake".
2002 Sep 17 KA Minatofuji retires and becomes Tatsutagawa-oyakata.
2002 Sep 17 KC Tatsutagawa (former Shikishima) changes to Fujigane (on loan).
2002 Sep 16 KB Akinoshima acquires Yamahibiki-kabu.
2002 Sep 11 KC Kotonishiki (Jun Toshiyori) changes to Wakamatsu (on loan).
2002 Sep 09 KC Odake (former Dairyu) changes to Sanoyama (on loan).
2002 Sep 08 KC Fujigane (former Zaonishiki) changes to Edagawa (on loan).

2002 Aug 18 RM Nishikijima (former Yutakayama) turns 65 and retires.
2002 Aug 17 KS Being close to mandatory retirement age, Tokitsukaze (former Yutakayama) switches his prestiguous kabu with Nishikijima (former Futatsuryu). The new Tokitsukaze continues the heya.

2002 Jun 15 RO Yamahibiki (former Toyonoumi) retires at the age of 37.
2002 Jun 01 HB Arashio (former Oyutaka) branches out from Tokitsukaze-beya and opens up his own.

2002 Mar 24 KA Daishi retires and becomes Daishi-oyakata (Jun Toshiyori).
2002 Mar 18 RM Wakamatsu (former Fujinishiki) turns 65 and retires.

2002 Feb 05 HM Being close to mandatory retirement age, Takasago (former Fujinishiki) switches his prestiguous kabu with Wakamatsu (former Asashio). The two heya merge and continue under the name of Takasago.
2002 Jan 30 KC Shikoroyama (former Kotogaume) changes to Onaruto (on loan).
2002 Jan 17 KC Shikishima (Jun Toshiyori) changes to Tatsutagawa (on loan).

2001 Dec 27 KA Asanosho retires and becomes Asanosho-oyakata (Jun Toshiyori).
2001 Dec 18 KC Ganyu (Jun Toshiyori) changes to Onogawa.

2001 Oct 09 KA Tomonohana retires and becomes Tomonohana-oyakata (Jun Toshiyori).
2001 Sep 15 KB Chiyotaikai buys Sanoyama-kabu.

2001 May 14 KA Shikishima retires and becomes Shikishima-oyakata (Jun Toshiyori).

2001 Apr 06 KB Hamanoshima buys Onoe-kabu.

2001 Jan 22 KA Akebono retires and becomes Akebono-oyakata (Jun Toshiyori).

2000 Nov 19 KB Takanohana "buys" Fujishima-kabu from his brother Wakanohana.
2000 Nov 18 RO Fujishima (former Wakanohana) retires at the age of 29 to start a career as TV talento, later he plans to become a pro footballer.

2000 Sep 15 KA Mitoizumi retires and becomes Nishikido-oyakata.
2000 Sep 10 KA Kotonishiki retires and becomes Kotonishiki-oyakata (Jun Toshiyori).

2000 Aug 22 KA Kitakachidoki retires and becomes Katsunoura-oyakata.
2000 Aug 01 KC Oginohana (Jun Toshiyori) changes to Takasaki.
2000 Aug 01 KC Misugisato (Jun Toshiyori) changes to Hamakaze.

2000 May 06 KA Ganyu retires and becomes Ganyu-oyakata (Jun Toshiyori).

2000 Mar 17 KA Wakanohana retires and becomes Fujishima-oyakata.
2000 Mar 16 KC Fujishima (former Takamisugi) changes to Otowayama.

2000 Feb 01 HB Tagonoura (former Kushimaumi) branches out from Dewanoumi-beya and opens up his own.